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2023-01-17 19:44

Stay up to date on the latest NFL Playoff Bracket -- find out the current seedings, schedule, and more for the 2022-2023 playoffs.

Wild Card Weekend is here, and with it comes a whopping six playoff games! As each game comes to an end and the teams punch their tickets to the Divisional Round, we will update our playoff bracket accordingly. Heres what the AFC Playoff Bracket and NFC Playoff Bracket look like as the Wild Card games progress.

TheNFLhas announced the times, days, and games for the Divisional Round. However, they have not announced the networks yet.

We know that the No. 1 seeds in both the AFC and NFC the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will host their respective opponents. With the Giants upsetting the Vikings, they will be traveling to take on Philadelphia. The Chiefs will host the Jacksonville Jaguars.

With the 49ers beating Seattle, we know that San Francisco will host a playoff game in the Divisional Round. Their opponent will be decided on Monday night when the Buccaneers take on the Cowboys.

With the Buffalo Bills defeating Miami, they are guaranteed a home game next week. They will be facing the Cincinnati Bengals in the Divisional Round.

Unlike the Wild Card Round, the games will only be stretched out over two days instead of three. There will be games on Saturday, January 21st, and Sunday, January 22nd. We will update this section when we know which teams will play and when.

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